My favorite unix commands

  1. View file information
    • List all the files: ls -a
    • Count the number of files: ls -l | grep ^- | wc -l
    • Count the number of lines in a file: wc -l file.txt
  2. View disk information
    • Check the amount of disk space: df -h
    • Display disk usage of a directory: du -sh ./
  3. Transfer files
    • Download serverfolder from a server
      scp -r username@servername:/serverpath/serverfolder/ ./

      (/serverpath/serverfolder/* -> ./serverfolder/*)

    • Upload localfolder to a server
      scp -r ./localfolder/ username@servername:/serverpath/

      (./localfolder/* -> /serverpath/localfolder/*)

  4. Extract the third field in a file
    awk '{ print $3 }' file.txt
    cat file.txt | awk '{ print $3 }'
  5. Display the first three lines in a file
    head -n 3 file.txt
  6. Set permissions
    • Change group owner and file owner to ‘username’
      chown username:username file.txt
    • Assign the permission to write to (user/group/others/all)
      chmod u+w file.txt
      chmod g+w file.txt
      chmod o+w file.txt
      chmod a+w file.txt
  7. Compress files
    • .tar.gz: tar cvzf file.tar.gz foldername
    • .bz2: bzip2 -k foldername
  8. Decompress files
    • .tar.gz: tar xvzf file.tar.gz or gunzip file.tar.gz
    • .bz2: bzip2 -kd file.txt.bz2
    • .tar.bz2: tar -xvjpf file.tar.bz2
    • .tar: tar xvf file.tar
    • .gz: gzip -d file.gz

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